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Aquestion about furniture

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I'm in the process of buying livingroom furniture and wondered... what is best for dogs? Right now I have a ratty old futon that belongs to them but I really need a change (that futon is done!) I know some people talked about leather but what if the dog pees on it? What about claws?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't have leather furniture, but my friend does. At one point she had five dogs living in her house - her son's lab-mix, and her four Bassets. All of which were NOT allowed on the leather couch when nobody was home. Their elderly hound was allowed on the leather chair (just try to break an old dog from that habit - it can't be done <_< ) and the leather was pretty scratched up from his nails. When my freinds were home ALL the dogs sat with them on the couch but they used a blanket to prevent scratches. When my freinds went out they used a scat-mat to keep the dogs off the couch - it works. When old Rupert died they did their best to repair his scratch-marks and now that chair is also off-limits to the younger dogs (they put things on the chair each time they go out to discourage use).

The benefits of leather are it's durability and how easy it is to clean... the chair still looks good after years of Rupert's use (though you can still see the scratches faintly) and dog-hair and slobber simply wipe clean from the couch.

I long for leather furniture - we have dog hair permanently embeded in our fabric furniture. :rolleyes: I think if we ever go that route, we'll save our old couch for Moe and Tally...
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Oh boy! Let me answer this one....Leather. Leather Leather Leather!

It's tough, claws won't hurt it. hair brushes right off. drool can be wiped off.

I bought myself a lovely new sofa/love seat last year. It's been covered up ever since. Also, there a few times when it wasn't covered up, and there are snags in it from the claws..

I am seriously thinking of giving the set to my daughter, and getting leather. Hope this helps in your decision. :)

I have to agree that leather is your best option. I had Maggie Mae (ATB) and my German Shepherd who loved to lounge on my leather couch. If it is good tough leather, it won't scratch. Like Sandy said, it is easy to clean, hair wipes right off and the couch doesn't hold the Basset "smell"!! I would never buy fabric with a hound or another other dog.
Leather. Ours don't get on our furniture but my friend has no restrictions for her three dogs and her leather from Rooms To Go holds up beautifully. She didn't dare buy "better" leather because she knew her dogs would be all over it. It still looks great after a year. Slobber wipes off ...the hard, thick leather doesn't show any scratches that I can see.
Couldn't agree more--leather. We have had leather furniture for years in the TV room, and the hounds are allowed on it (they actually don't care much about it unless we are sitting on it). Even if it gets scratched, it looks good--the scratches just add the the character. I'd suggest a medium to dark leather, however, as very light shade will look ratty fast, and may eventually be impossible to clean.
Sharon Hall
Leather is the only way to go. :D
I have a cream leather set from Hecht's (Macy's now) It was less than 2,000.00 for all four pcs., and it has been great. It is analine leather, which is surprisingly tough. So far, not a gouge in sight. I think the lighter the color, the better. Just have to wipe it down frequently. :rolleyes: Turtle Wax leather cleaner/protecter from Dollar General works great with a warm damp cloth. Looks like new for about 15 minutes every time I clean it! :blink: Non-analine leather is not as good a choice. It looks like thick suede. It's not treated to have that slick surface like analine which repels moisture better and drool, and claw marks show up more on it. :( My sister also swears by microfiber furniture. Cat hair doesn't even hold on to it. B)

TIP: Since we are in the cleaning biz, we get these "chemical sponges". You can find them in hardware stores, or at fire restoration companies. They are useful for many things: removing soot from flat walls, and for us, they remove dog hair easily from fabric! :) Just use a downward one way only wiping motion on the furniture and you won't believe how much fur comes off. :eek: You can wash them, but let them air dry. The best ones are made by Chem-Spec. They are about 3 dollars for an 8" long one. Looks like a sponge brick. Great for car upholstery as well.
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Our cloth couch and leather recliners have held up fine to the Basset baby and bad Beagle boy despite hours or "rough-housing" every day. Good leather will probably hold up better than the cloth, though.

Roscoe jumps up bites at the leather recliner arms when he gets real excited and can't get Elvis out of it, no holes yet. (knock on wood)
It has to be the softer leather like the pillow-style couches. Which IMO can be kinda ugly but hey it's the trade off I made. My sister in law has a structured smooth leather sofa & I brought a blanket for when José would jump up - seems like that leather would scratch.

I have cream colored leather and black - black is much better because it doesnt show dirt. That might not be the best thing because with the cream colored one I realize just how dirty they get! All I did was get a can of saddle soap (shoe care stuff) & wash the couch with a wet washcloth. Takes the dirt off & conditions it and makes it smell nice. I use fabreze too sometimes just to kind of wipe it down!

Had to add that now that it is getting cooler, I will be breaking out Josés day-comforter for the couch. God forbid he has to jump up on a cool leather couch in the winter. He needs to be on his blankey. I'm not sure, but I think he might be spoiled...?
We didn't think about Ruby when we were buying new furniture a few years ago because she's not allowed it any more. But when I was getting a new car, besides the safety features, we got what we did because I was able to get Ruby in and out of the backseat a bit easier. (not easy mind you because she cannot jump in....just easier on my back).
My fiance and I have black leather funiture. Just a chair and sofa. We are getting currently waiting for our basset pup to be ready for coming home with us. (nov cant come soon enough) With leather pieces I get paraniod about getting scratches and tears because I have cats that are not declawed. We recently had 7 cats in our house at one time...thanks to the unexpected pregnancy. And then kittens clawed the base of the sofa but there is not one scratch or puncture mark on it. Im amazed that our furniture is that durable that the cats (who learned their lesson the first time around) didnt destroy anything. IMO if the cats didnt destroy the sofa or chair than the puppy shouldnt be able to, leather would be my furniture of choice.
1. Is the sofa long enough to accomodate a lounging basset?

2. Are there any annoying cushions that simply have to be thrown off?

3. Is the seating the right height for a basset to dive on from a distance?

4. Is the back high enough for the basset to be able to see out of windows?

If you answered Yes, No, Yes, Yes, then you have the perfect sofa.

If not, sod furniture, buy big squashy dog beds for everyone. Guests will understand.
Leather is the way to go. I have had both fabric (you will never get the dog hair out of the fabric) and leather. A medium grade, medium color (not too light) leather is totally the way to go!
Thanks to everyone for your input. I guess leather it is although I have no idea what analine leather is or how one would say that in French hmmm... :unsure:

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