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Appropriate Length for a Walk

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I've never had a dog that really needed a very long walk (mostly toy breeds, never big labs or dogs that needed hours of exercise), but I'm nervous with my new basset hound, Whiskey.

She's doing really well on the leash so far, and I take her out many times a day down stairs (I carry her down the stairs because I read about hip dysplasia) and then we walk around the building to the area at our apartment complex that's set aside for dogs to use the bathroom.

It took me years to get our pug on a decent walking schedule, adjusting the length of the walk as we went, but I really want to start Whiskey off on the right path. But because of the joint problems and hip problems I've read about, I don't know what is considered an appropriate length of time to walk (and how many times per day).

Is a long walk going to help or hinder future joint and hip issues?
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I'm trying to remember how far we walked Ella when she was a pup, I know it wasn't that long though.....I would say probably 15 min walks when she was between 3-6 months....

Ella is now 1 1/2 and she goes for about an hour or a little more for her walks and she could still go for much longer and then Ringo is 6 and he only needs 30 to 45 min and is pooped.

I would start with shorter walks and work up to a little longer ones
Does anyone else's dog come in from a walk and immediately want to go out in the back yard? Ours do!

ABSOLUTELY!! I'll take Ella on a walk for over an hour and we'll get home and she immediately runs around the house like she has all the energy in the world and then 5 min later she wants to go outside! Its crazy!!
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