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Hi murraysmom,

Sadie had liver problems for the last several years of her life. The vet felt it was due to her being on meds for arthritis for so long. She couldn't come off the arthritis meds, so along with them, she ended up taking medicine to improve her liver function. I think it was called Denosyl, but I'm not positive-it's been a long time. As long as she stayed on that, her liver function was ok whenever they did blood tests. They did have to adjust dosage from time to time. The bad thing was the price. Between the arthritis meds & the liver meds, it was almost $7.00 a DAY.

Spencer had some liver issues as well, and he had a liver biopsy done. They put him out, but it wasn't long-just enough time for the doctor to do the procedure. They even let me stay in the room with Spencer when they did it. Spencer was fine afterwards.

I hope you find an answer for Murray. I know how frustrating & heart-wrenching it can be when they have problems.

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