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Is anyone else experiencing trouble when trying to post pics from Image Shack to the forum? For some reason, when I try to move between the two sites, my computer won't let me "minimize" one to open the other. The other just opens and makes the original minimized site just close. Which makes it hard if you are trying to post two or more pics. I have been using the "edit" feature in order to posts pics.

Anyone have any ideas?

Also: Does anyone have a list of foods that are toxic to dogs in general? All through the holiday, I questioned myself before giving them certain things. I saw someone give them a bite of poppy seed loaf cake and I was worried about that. I know onions, and turkey skin, and dark chocolate. Seems to me there was something else that we talked about here recently. Generally, they get only dog food and dog treats, but with people in and out, it was hard to control, and I'm guilty of giving them table treats as well. We dropped some fresh apple on the floor, and they gobbled it up, too. :blink:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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