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Hi BrenIrishBassets
I'm just across the Irish Sea from you!

Unplanned Bassets.... how lucky for you!!! How many fellas have you got, what are their ages and how much Basset Hound knowledge or experience have you got?

From a lifelong love and ownership of these unique dogs, that are so full of character, I would say you have to have a lot of patience because hounds are very stubborn and have minds of their own and they make good, fun companions, especially if you have twp or more because they love company of other Bassets and people and they are the gentlest of pets for children and babies.

If you haven't experienced them before, some advice I would offer you is to keep them off the stairs, because going down stairs there is too much weight on those little front legs, especially as they can weigh upwards of 65 - 75lbs and it can cause joint problems and it's not good for their backs either also don't let them jump off anything that is higher than themselves.

Keep an eye on their ears... and keep them clean and dry! Because of the length and position of their ears, air doesn't circulate very much and they can get warm and moist which can encourage bacteria and make them smelly. I have some cleaning fluid I get from my vet and I also use ear wipes now and again.

PS: I'm sure others will offer you advice but that's a few things to start with!
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