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Any suggestions on how to reduce howling?

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I adopted Geoffrey in April, from a shelter that had rescued him from a puppy mill. He is doing great- has stopped chewing everything in sight, is housebroken, etc. Our only remaining problem is that sometimes when I leave for work, Geoff will howl for hours. Many times, but not always, he is much better when I leave him with a Kong or a bone, which is what I have been doing. This is a concern because i live in an apartment building. My neighbors all love Geoff, and I want them to continue to love him!!! He is two years old. I also have a cat, but I'm afraid she is not much company for him, as she is elderly.
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it sounds like you might be dealing with a common problem in single bassets when left alone the are more prone to seperation anxiety than most other breeds see

seperation anxiety
My neighbors all love Geoff
for a small fee you may find one or two willing to "dog sit" when you are gone.
In an unasamed take over of the thread I would like to mention to all PA hounds and their owners looking for a fun Basset activity over Labor Day that North Lancaster Beagle Club. in conjuction with AHBA are holding a field trial. That is where basset get to try there paws at finding chasing and tracking bunnies and hares. The only criteria is the dog be a basset hound that is it must look like a basset it need not have a breed registration. And it must be under 15 inches tall. Spayed, nuetered rescue or not all wellcome. Cost is 10 one time registration fee and typically $15.00 day for the trial breakfast and luch are available for a nominal fee. At the very least you get an hour out in the field with your dog. for more details see
What would your hound think of this?
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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