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Any suggestions on how to reduce howling?

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I adopted Geoffrey in April, from a shelter that had rescued him from a puppy mill. He is doing great- has stopped chewing everything in sight, is housebroken, etc. Our only remaining problem is that sometimes when I leave for work, Geoff will howl for hours. Many times, but not always, he is much better when I leave him with a Kong or a bone, which is what I have been doing. This is a concern because i live in an apartment building. My neighbors all love Geoff, and I want them to continue to love him!!! He is two years old. I also have a cat, but I'm afraid she is not much company for him, as she is elderly.
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It took me months to reduce porter's separation anxiety after I adopted him last summer. I gave him treats everytime I left and toys such as kongs filled with frozen peanut butter. I had to increase the amount of time I left him alone slowly and of course, I baked all my neighbors homemade cookies to apologize for my dog.
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