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Any suggestions on how to reduce howling?

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I adopted Geoffrey in April, from a shelter that had rescued him from a puppy mill. He is doing great- has stopped chewing everything in sight, is housebroken, etc. Our only remaining problem is that sometimes when I leave for work, Geoff will howl for hours. Many times, but not always, he is much better when I leave him with a Kong or a bone, which is what I have been doing. This is a concern because i live in an apartment building. My neighbors all love Geoff, and I want them to continue to love him!!! He is two years old. I also have a cat, but I'm afraid she is not much company for him, as she is elderly.
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maybe Geoff is howling, "I wanna friend! preferably female who is not an elderly cat. a fine young female basset would do..!! arooo arooo!"

(ummm. that's what i'd be saying)
My thoughts too... we have always had two or three Bassets partly for that reason... they love company of other Bassets and are so much happier than when on their own! I would also leave the radio on for Geoffrey to shut out other noises he might hear in the apartment block!
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