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Hi, I am new here. My mom is currently raising basset hounds, she has 5 total, 2 males, 3 females. And for the next two months my female puppy. The most recent addition, Molly, joined the pack in late Feb. Right away my mom noticed her itching, mostly her tummy and back legs. She will chew so much she has welts and really red. My mom thought it was the Iams puppy food. Especially when her female who was pregnant started itching at the same time. They were both on Iams puppy. So she switched them to Timberwolf food. When she didn't see any improvement she switched to Timberwolf with no grains. After all this she noticed the other dogs started itching too. Now Lou, the oldest has been in the same house for 4 1/2 years and never itched like this. She has been taking them to the vet and they have been put on medication for allergies and there is no improvement. My Emma, the baby is also itching. One of the puppies that was adopted by my husband's friend is also itching and he has been gone from the house since the end of April. If anyone can help it would be greatly apprecitated. She has taken everything out of their diet that has dairy or wheat.
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