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Spencer has had allergies most of his life (he's 13 now). We've determined that he has an allergy to wheat, as well as to numerous grasses & trees, dust, dust mites, etc. I can control the reaction to wheat by keeping it out of his diet, but the other allergies are so severe, I have to give him a shot every 5-7 days. When things are blooming, I have to supplement the shot with Temaril-P, to help control the itching. The shots work, thankfully, but if your baby has allergies, I feel for you. It was years before we had Spencer's allergies fully under control, and the itching is enough to drive both you & them crazy! Good Luck!
I'm dealing with the same allergies with Virgil who is 4. We haven't got it nailed down in how to better manage the itching yet. I would like to talk more with you. He's on allergy vaccine and I've tried switching his food etc.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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