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Another Video

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:lol: You must be exhausted :lol:

They are so cute they way they are exploring new surroundings ...although Rusty looks like he might be a bit "over it"!
Wow! What fun you must be having with a houseful of Bassets to love. Stickers and Rusty seem to be adjusting to their new playmates, but Rusty does seem a little sad when he was lying there on the rug with that "What happened to my world?" look. Enjoy them and keep the videos coming. When they bark or play growl on the video Bogie comes running looking for another Basset.
Poor guy is destined to be an only dog I guess. He's such a great traveler, loves our one year old granson and we don't have to worry about him around him. So we are afraid to add another one to the household that might not have the great disposition Bogie has.
Your house is perfect for bassets--leather furniture, tile floors, plenty of room for dog beds, crates, dog rugs, etc. I'm envious!
Do you know if any of these family visitors howl? Or maybe this bloodline is predisposed against it.
Great video. Oh I would love to have a houseful for even a weekend!

:) Loved the video ! cute puppies. Beautiful houndies! What kind of vitamins do U take???!!!!! I need those. :eek:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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