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Another video of Fred and his brothers

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Just a little fun in the yard with the boys...Bane has possesion of the bone, but Fred the basset always gets the last laugh!!
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Looks like Fred almost got squished a couple of times.


Janice and little Ruby
I was just looking at your other movies.. I think Bane's mouth is bigger than Fred's head. That is soooo cute..
Wow, Fred sure is brave. The other 2 seem to know how to play with Fred though so as not to squish him.

It seems as though the little dogs don't know how much smaller they are (or don't care!) & the big dogs know not to hurt them. Sadie at 50 lbs used to give my brother's 115 lb Doberman the blues. He played with her, but never hurt her. She was definitely in charge & the Dobie never stepped over the boundary! Cute video. :)
Too cute...Zoey does the same exact thing to Bodhi the mastiff :p
Reminds me of the expression, "If you wanna run with the big dogs, you gotta get off the porch!"

Sandy :p
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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