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I know this is about the hundredth thread on barking here, but we're still having problems and not sure how to best deal. Fergus is definitely doing attention barking and it goes on and on and on. We've tried ignoring, to no avail... we just get more and louder barking (and jump attacks). We've tried loud noises and redirection, no go. We've tried crating him when he's getting out of hand, which quiets him right up... until we let him out and his "time out" is over.

What has worked for you? Is the next step teaching him a quiet command?

I've gotten very good at redirection with the "bed game"... i.e. he lays on his bed in the kitchen while I'm making dinner and he gets treats as long as he continues to stay there and is quiet (as opposed to barking and counter surfing). As long as I'm on top of it and don't forget (which leads to barking), this works in the kitchen, but only in the kitchen.

Please help. We love our boy to death, but are getting pretty tired of the barking tirade.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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