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another star basset.....

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Just saw the new trailer for the movie "the Smurfs"....there is a bassett star in there as well....he's chasing them up and down the hall while the whole time just knocking down his human....very cute indeed.

Chow all-
Woody Hayes
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I saw that too!!! Well I thought I saw the basset in one of the I know for sure :)
just saw Smurts the hound is adorable!

I just saw the Smurfs movie and an adorable Basset plays a major supporting role.
I thought I saw a basset in the preview which is kind of cool in a way but also makes me sad. I imagine how many kids will see this movie and want a basset. I hope we don't see a surge in bad breeders trying to cash in on kids who will surely want a basset after seeing the movie and then when the pup grows up, getting dumped in a shelter.
Like 101 Dalmations, etc.
I found info about the basset in the movie:

Newspaper article.
Local News | Bellingham hound has role in Smurfs movie | Seattle Times Newspaper

This is the site for the family that owns the basset in the movie.

A video I found on YouTube about the dog.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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