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We changed Bogie over to Innova Adult Dry dog food about three months ago. He loves it, and the vet says he is in excellent health and has a beautiful coat. It has 24.0% protein and is chicken and turkey based. Here is a link to their site on the internet:
Bassets are better off on the lean side to help prevent back problems down the road. They are food motivated, and with those sad begging eyes it's tough to resist spoiling them with treats. Bogie is two, and weighs 54 pounds. Bubba, ATB, was a larger boned Basset than Bogie and he weighed 65 pounds. Bubba was not fat, had a waist, and his ribs could easily be felt under his skin. Each one is different.

What did the vet say about the limping? Young male Bassets often get Panosteitis, which is transient limping, painful, treated with crate rest, pain meds, and usually outgown by two years of age. Use the search engine on the forum, and you can get more info on this.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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