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Another estrus question

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So I posted about my girl (Bette) possibly going into heat soon. Her area was enlarged/swollen just like my other girl (Scarlet) right before she came into heat back in August. Well Bette started out with very light pinkish discharge and wanted to pee and drink water alot. Well the discharge a week later is now very minimal and never really resembled the dark blood my other girl had. Is this normal? She has an appointement with the vet tommarow for a follow up to an ear issue and I will mention this too him as well. I know every dog is different but this is so different than my other girl. This is only the second girl dog I've had and only the second heat I've seen gone through. Thanks for any info.

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Different bitches will have different cycles but if one is in heat the other will come in heat also. It is possible she had/has urinary tract infection, the other possibility is a uterine infection,which is scary and an emergency. Is there any odor coming from her vulva? Is she running a temp? If your Vet is not convinced something is wrong but you are have the Vet take x-rays to confirm that nothing is wrong. She could have had a silent heat which basically means that if you had not noticed anything you would not have known she had been in season. Please let us know if your Vet finds anything.
The vet did not seem concerned about it. He said that because it was her first heat that it may not be as impressive as the next heat and so on. He took a look at her there but did not take any x rays. I do not smell any odor coming from that area. The discharge is pretty much gone at this point and the size of that area is returning to normal (not so swollen). I will keep an eye on it and watch for signs of anything developing. Thanks!

For a graphic discussion of Pyometra (not for the squeamish): PYOMETRA by Claire Duder, D.V.M.
any post-estral bitch (whether or not they were bred) who is not well should have a white blood cell count done, and an abdominal xray or ultrasound to visualize the uterus, even if there is no obvious discharge.
I know whenever I had a bitch post-estrus if something didn't seem right, like drinking a lot of water, I insisted on an x-ray and blood work.
The symptom I've heard most commonly from breeders who have had a bitch with a closed pyometra is the excessive thirst.

I hate having intact bitches-but then I'm not a breeder.

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That article was very informative on the condition. Bette seems ok, shes not lethargic or feverish. She is still eating on a regular basis like normal. The vet accounted her increase in thirst due to a steroid shot he had given her to help with her ear issue. She no longer has any discharge. I will however keep a close eye on her if she does act like shes not well. Do you think I should have the bloodwork done anyway? The only reason why my two girls are intact is that one competes in field trials which do not allowed spayed bitches and Bette has just started showing. I do not intend to breed at any time in the near future and if I did it would only be if Bette does well in the showring.

I tend to be a worry wart so for me it was worth the price of an x-ray and lab work just to ease my mind. But you veterinarian knows best.

Yes I know your bitches are intact for field trials/shows. That was the only reason mine were intact and the minute it was decided they weren't going to cut it in the show ring, I was on the phone scheduling the surgery. ;)

Have fun showing Bette!
In people a steroid shot can cause both thirst... and abnormal menstrual cycles... so maybe similar in dogs??
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