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I'm finding this very therepeudic so I don't mean to boar anyone. When Bubba was about 12 weeks old I took him to a show that was having a fun match in the evening. A Fun Match is a pretend dog show, basiclly practice for puppies and dogs who are getting ready to compete in dog shows. We had a while to wait so I was sitting on the ground next to an empty ring with Bubba,doing nothing ,and this huge horsefly lands on Bubba's nose.His eyes go crossed looking at the fly ,I started to laugh when I heard something behind me. A woman going by with her Lab was looking at Bubba and smiling,I said,"Did you see that?" She said ,"Oh,my God that was so funny." It is always nice when someone else sees the funny things they do. There will be more of these. Sigh if you must. Grace and Bubba in photos.


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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