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Animal Abused

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My posting has nothing to do with Bassets. But I have this really depressed feeling for several days now and seems like I can't do anything about it.

Last Saturday I had a hair cut. A lady sat next to me, was telling a story of her niece (or cousin) that just came back from a trip to China. He saw people kill and eat dogs. She described the scene on how they killed them. It was too horribel, I don't even want to describe it here.
My heart was crush into million pieces. I almost cried, I wish I could make her stop talking.
I did some searches at google today. I found this Animal Right activist in Hongkong. They posted bunch of pictures that I could never ever imagine. They were soooo horrible. Now, I wish I never do this search.
What can I do? These people are in a different continent, they live in a different world. There is nothing I could do to save all these dogs!
It will take years to educate them to not consume dogs as meals.

I think this whole thing strike me really bad because a few years ago, I lost my mutt dog, Molly . He is my first dog. He is the reason I fall in love with dogs.
2 guys were riding their bike, kidnapped him and took him away with a burlap bag. I knew instantly what he's going to be. :(
I still can't let go. I wish I could let go someday.

Human are a terrible thing but human are also a beautiful thing.

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I am so sorry about the loss of your dog that way. (I know we once sold a puppy we shouldn't have gotten and we thought selling him would be better then giving him away but i was young and couldn't do much about it at the time but i got a real bad feeling about the poeple who took the dog i cryed for weeks because i just didn't feel like we did the right thing) I do do things differently now.
But hearing what you heard then seeing the pictures had to be really hard on you. maybe jsut giving money to some of these animal activist(although you should research them first to find out if they are radical or not) and posting information like this is getting the word out and the more people that are aware of what is going on the more people that will stand up and say NO MORe. (this is why i hate bull fight i know its part of Spains history but that doesn't make torturing an animal right).
I hopeyou can get to feeling better soon and get those pictures out of your head soon.
Oh Lina- I think alot of the pain of seeing things like this is the feeling that you are helpless to do something about it. Dogcrazy's suggestion is a good one-to do something positive for animals that you do have the power to help: through rescue, or donations, or raising people's awareness in your own community. You posted 2 weeks ago in the Rescue Forum about the 18 basset puppymill puppies that needed help. Some real good came of that: I know some who saw your post did try to help.The images that alot of animal rights groups display are designed to shock- I avoid them, and just try to do the best I can when I feel that I can do something to make a difference.Peace.
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