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And then there was one...

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Two puppies went to their new homes this week. Here they are on their last morning together. From left to right, L.B., Little Girl, Fat Man (now aka "Rhett").

One advantage to having brother and sister move on--more room to stretch out! :)
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Lucky new owners! Lucky pups! Good job!

Janet 'n Twinkie :)
they're huge! they grew so much, it's almost unbelievable.

i would be terribly sad --- but also glad they have nice new homes. :)

the last pic is darling --- i love that somewhat maniacal look they get when they're upside down like that and just a touch of the white of the eye shows. it always means hi-jinx and mayhem are soon to follow! :lol:
These pups don't know how lucky they are to have had you guys to raise them in preparation for their "forever" homes. On second thought I bet they do know. ;)
Someboyd looks like he's really enjoying that nice bed...he has an awfully pretty collar on, too. Has Mom found a home?

Sharon Hall
Saw my first pics of Rhett in his new home today. His new folks are besotted with him, and his new "brother" (Reese, also a rescue) has discovered that he is fun to play with!
What a great job you've done Betsy, but you must also be a bit sad now that they are going. They are beautiful pups and so wonderful to hear about Fatboy's new home from Menzie. Would be great if the new people joined the forum. :)
We love a happy ending! :p

<span style="color:#009900">The one that drools rules, :p
Steinar - daddy and foodslave to Emma and Doris!</span>
Would love to see those photos, Menzie! Can you post a link? Can't tell you all how much we miss them. :)
Betsy, not just the pups appreciate you! Bravo!!!!
Menzie, where's that link?! We'd all like to keep up with Rhett. :)
yes, i'd like to see the link to the pictures, too! and i'm sure everyone here would love to read the commentary about Rhett's adoption. :)

Betsy, i know how difficult this was for you and your husband. those bonds of affection and love are almost more intense when you raise little pups, and it's hard giving them up unless you know they're adopted for the right reasons and going into the right home.
Hey we all want to see pictures. How come Menzie has pictures of the pup and Betsy, who raised them, doesn't. Well I'm a worry wart so it were me I'd be worried why I didn't have pictures of the pup I just raised when they seem to be available. I mean is the dog ok or what's the scoop here? Post the pictures as soon as you get them Betsy!
Barb, at this point, you're not the only one who is worried. :(
Really hope you get word of your little pup soon Betsy, so you can put your mind at rest.
Received word late last night that the pup appears to be okay. What a heartache. Appreciate your concern. :(
They are beautiful!! I'm sure you hated to part with them, but what a wonderful start in life you gave to them. Can't wait to see further pictures.
So, is everything ok? It sounds as if things were a little uncertain. Have Mom and the remaining pup found a home?
Mom probably has a home, and the third puppy is enjoying all the extra attention, but doesn't yet have a home.

As for the other, it appears that the pup is okay. Unfortunately, it also appears that a group of individuals has been entertaining themselves at the expense of Kevin, me, and sadly, the local rescue. Needless to say, this has caused significant distress for all of us. :(

On that sad note, this chapter ends.
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