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and the winner is...

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Huck for the boys, and Eleanor for the girls! Congrats to you both and thanks for playing everyone.

Stay tuned for the upcoming "Troublemaker" edition of the Basset Pageant series.
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I think we should do it again
I think now we should have a " Saddest looking basset" contest...

Thank you everyone who voted for Huck. Of course I think he's the mostest handsome guy in the whole wide world but I really do feel my chest puff up when others think so too. Thanks again. RE: Saddest Basset - Great Idea Sandy - I'll start it!

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That a fun game!
Eleanor is grateful and humbled.

But she thinks that there's no such thing as a basset that isn't cute, so she is sharing her award with all the adorable gals out there.
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Cutie Sarah is right.all the girls r beautiful!!. Happy to be a slave for Tummy Boy. :) ;)
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