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My name is Erin and I'm new to the forums. I adopted a 1.5 year old Basset about 8 months ago. Her name is Ruby.

She has a very active anal gland. I take her to the vet at least once a month to have them expressed. Sometimes a week after visiting the Dr. she is scooting and has overfull glands again. I've tried various premium foods, metamucil, sterilized bone meal supplement, homemade high protein food, pumpkin additive, etc., and nothing has changed the situation. My current vet doesn't see a problem with expressing her glands as often as she scoots, even if that's every week.

Has anyone else had this experience? Has anyone gone the surgical removal route? I would really like to avoid that but I'm concerned that diet changes aren't helping at all. If I could figure a way to where she was OK for 6-8 weeks that would be doable. But as it is, expressing once a week or every two weeks just seems out of control to me. It seems counterintuitive that doing such is good for her either.

I appreciate your comments!

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