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Anal Glands?

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While I was here on the computer I heard this licking sound. I looked back and Lily was licking Gibbs butt (I'm talking under the tail and all). :unsure: I of course made her stop. I then smelled this HORRENDOUS (sp?) smell, strongly smelling of fish. Could Lily have expressed Gibbs anal glands or something?


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Chances are Lily just kicked up the smell. I'd make an appt. with the Vet to have Gibb's anals expressed internally. When Stickers gets very full, sometimes she leaks what I call "butt juice" :eek: :eek: Sorry for being so gross. Rusty will go over and try to lick it! YUCK!
When I was there with him on Friday for his intestinal problems they said his glands were empty (they had to go in there to do a fecal)... hmm...

Francis and I are old hands at anal gland expressing. I find that if I add more fiber to his diet (in our case, canned unsweetened pumpkin) I have to express far less frequently.
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