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Jasmine is getting along so well with her new little sis, Cocoa, we really couldn't have asked for better. I was trying to maintain their pecking order by feeding Jasmine first, and then Cocoa (although Cocoa gets extra meals, so that isn't always the case), but although Cocoa would eat a bit of her food, Jasmine would rarely eat any. Finally we gave up and fed them both at once. Too our surprise, Jasmine will happily tuck in when Cocoa shares her food, or when she's sharing Cocoa's. So much for my worries that she might be aggressive of her food.

I had sent an e-mail off to Jasmine's breeder concerning her aggressive couch behavior (occasional growling/barking/biting when being removed from it to go to her bed at night), and received a really comforting phone call from her last night. She assured me that as Jasmine's our first Basset, and my first dog, we're doing brilliantly. She reinforced my knowledge that she's a wonderful, stubborn little thing who will occasionally test her boundaries. She encouraged me to go back to basics, working on heal work and basic commands to re-establish any rank Jasmine thinks she may have taken from us. It helped me to brush off comments from a coworker who exclaimed that he'd never allow a dog in his house that behaved like that (as if I would get rid of my precious fluffy pup because she has occasional mood swings!). Afterwards, I went in to the lounge and had a good cuddle with them both.

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jasmine and the couch

i had similar problems with my 8 mo. old basset. the first time i tried to move her off of a chair and growled i was sooooo sad and upset. i have learned not to move her when in a deep sleep...and it nudge and get her awake before moving her...i know i wouldnt want someone poking me out of a deep sleep....i also tell her no in a stern voice if the growling stuff just have to let her know who is boss and the alpha...good luck
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