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An EMMA inspired poem

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I must have been in a time warp when I wrote this :rolleyes: , I found it when cleaning out my documents. So, if I haven't posted it before:

The Skin I'm In (an EMMA inspired poem)

Don't you love the skin
I'm in?
I think it's rather fun

You can see it ripple
up and down
especially when I run

I can even fold it over my eyes
and sleep
keeping out the daylight's glare

And it hangs from my belly
down to the ground
causing people to stop and stare

Yes it's so beautiful, this skin
I'm in
with it's folds so lovely and deep

That other dogs can only look
upon my beauty
with awe, and then silently weep!

Sandy 2007
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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