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Does anyone have any experience or advice about amputations in Bassets? My 6 yr old Basset/Beagle was just diagnosed with synovial cancer in his back leg. Xrays show that it hasn't spread to his abdomin or lungs. I had a three legged Husky in the past and she did just fine. He is just a hair taller than my other Bassets, but he's still pretty low to the ground. He's an otherwise healthy boy. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Since it's in the back end I don't think there'd be much of a problem. Front end would be more of a concern, since that's where most of the weight is carried.

Especially since he's a mix, I'm guessing he's lighter than the average Basset (if not you probably need to put him on a diet). I'd say go for it.
I agree that back leg would be easier. I'm sorry you both are having to go through this.
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