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Normally, when I take my boys out round the forest, I let Snoopy off his leash, but only when the path is straight - when there's a choice of routes. Snoopy is guaranteed to make the wrong choice and will NOT turn back.

I took them out today, and was distracted by something, turned round and Snoopy is pootling off in the wrong direction again. I wasn't in the mood for chasing a wayward basset today, so I told Henry (my second rescue basset) to go and get him. And off he goes and brings his brother back. I have a Sheep Basset!

We've had much more luck with Henry than Benji - he and Snoopy are inseperable. If there's a good spot to sleep, Snoopy will sleep on it, and then Henry will sleep on top of Snoopy. We frequently have double-decker hounds.

Henry came to us as a "stray", and was found on the streets, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he was actually abandoned - his family moved and left him, as he returns when he's called and doesn;t wander far off his leash. Poor baby.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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