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Almost white Basset

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Hi All.

I am the proud owner of two tri colour Basset hounds and they just had pups.

They had 4 pups, 3 of them tri colour and the other one almost completely white with a very slight tint of brown in some places.

Is this normal? Do you get this a lot?

I have a photo if someone wants to see.
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Red and Whites are born almost completely white. The color comes in later.

Here are some at one day old, they were actually quite dark
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Look how pale the red and whites are! I really didn't expect them to be so "pale". I thought the red/whites were much darker when born.
Here's a picture of our Squishy - not sure exactly how old she was since it came from the breeder, but she was a baby. How dark red she is by comparison.
She's lightened then since as tiny puppy
Squishy is a mahogany. They are born dark and lighten. Mahoganies have black hairs mingled with the red, and usually some black "trimming" on the face. Red and whites have no black hairs at all.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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