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Almost white Basset

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Hi All.

I am the proud owner of two tri colour Basset hounds and they just had pups.

They had 4 pups, 3 of them tri colour and the other one almost completely white with a very slight tint of brown in some places.

Is this normal? Do you get this a lot?

I have a photo if someone wants to see.
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Congratulations on your new additions! A pic of them would be really nice to see!

I expect their colours will change and the red/tan patches will get darker and bigger. Here's a pic that includes my two pups, and when they were very young, they looked quite pale and almost more like lemon and white but as they got older, their colours darkened and they are really red now.

The two black pups in the pic below became quite red/tan too and flecked with black on their backs and tan coloured ears, so even the ones that are born black can get lighter!

See if you can spot my two in the pic below!

In the picture above, my two girls are... the one on the left side
with her head on another Basset and the one at the top of the pic!

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So cute!!

Sophie, your Bassets are beautiful!!!! I'd love to know who your breeder was. :)
I don't know where you live, but my breeder is in the UK.

Here's my girls' dad...
he's from the well known Switherland kennel!

The owner of my pups' dad says:
"To-date I have bred or owned a total of 32 UK champion Basset Hounds. As well as producing Switherland Champions in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, South Africa & Malta. The Switherland Kennel has been top breeder (UK) in Basset Hounds for the last 12 years, Switherland have been prominent in Top Stud Dog and Top Brood Bitch competitions over the last 24 years at home and abroad. As well as winning groups and Best in Show at General Championship shows. Possible the most famous and well known Switherland Basset Hound is Champion Switherland Blue Jeans -below.

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I love the red ones and red/white ones... then again I am partial...
I also think the red/white Bassets look stunning and particularly so on a sunny day, late in the afternoon
when the sun is low and glows on their red coats making them look very rich looking.
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