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My CJ was allergy tested about 2 years ago. His identified environmental allergies were pine, bermuda, mugwort, plantain, lamb's quarter, birch, mulberry, timothy, D farinae, cladosporium, peicillium and alternaria. His identified food allergies are corn, fish and brewers yeast. He was on a schedule of hyposensitization injections that began with one every other day. He now takes one every 3 weeks plus he takes 1 to 2 chlorpheniramine per day and thyroxin twice a day to primarily help his coat. Usually in the spring and fall, we have to go back to injections every week.

When we rescued him from a backyard, he had hardly any coat and was a raw bloody mess. He now has a shiny soft coat but even with all the meds, he still gets the itchies and sometimes chews his paws bloody.
Here he is now.

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