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allergy shots

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I just got Murray's allergy test results back. He is extremely allergic to dust mites, but the good news is that this seems to be his only significant allergy. The vet is going to show me how to give the shots at home, and I have started washing his blankets a couple of times each week. He tells me that allergy shots for dust mites have a pretty high success rate, so I am really optimistic about this. Just wondering about anyone else's experience with allergy shots...
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We tried allergy shots with Bugsie. They weren't difficult to administer, but she didn't respond as well as we hoped. She was allergic to a lot of things, and we had to give her two injections each time.

It's nice to hear that your vet expects better success with Murray--good luck! :)
My critters don't have allergies, but I'm terribly horribly allergic to dust mites. :mad:

I've never taken shots, but have found a few things help enormously in managing the allergy. The same would be true for your pup, I'd think, so you might keep these in mind if the shots don't work.

In no special order, the things which help me keep this allergy under control are:
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    If I don't do these things or if I go to the home of someone with carpeting who keeps a lot of clothes in closets that they don't wash a lot and have a lot of books and magazines and and and ... I have a massive allergy attack.

    I hope the shots work for your pup because it's a pain to have to do this stuff. :mad:
Thanks to both of you for your replies.Betsy, my vet told me that in his experience, he has seen maybe only a 40-50% improvement for some types of allergies with shots, but for dust mites sometimes as high as 80-90%.So I am trying to be optimistic.And Biscuit, sure hopes this works because what you describe does not sound like fun. I will post in a few months with a progress report.
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