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Sabian has some kind of a grass allergy or at least something that grows in the summer. Every year he begins itching and we try a variety of things to help. After the first freeze he is OK. In the past we have used Benedryl (1mg/pound) and he has been on steroids multiple times. The benedryl really doesn't do much. The steroids will help for a while but they only last a couple of weeks after his last dose. The steroids also make him not feel well. He can be grumpy and tired on them. This year the vet is trying something new. He thinks he may be allergic to fleas. Now mind you I treat him all year round but the vet found one immature flea on him and thinks maybe he is being bit by fleas but they just don't stay on him. So I am giving weekly baths in some special shampoo that I leave on him for 10 minutes. I am now treating for fleas every 3 weeks and I treated my house (I have never seen a flea on him). It really isn't working. I don't think it is a food allergy as it disappears after a freeze. He can be so miserable. Any ideas before I spend big bucks on an allergist?
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I don't have any ideas that don't cost lots of money, ;) but thought I'd share my experiences, as Spencer has severe allergies. He is allergic to 7 different kinds of trees & grasses, plus he has a allergy to dust & dust mites that is off the charts. So, he is bothered year round. I never took him to an allergist, his regular vet drew blood & it was sent to some place in Colorado where they ran the tests & determined what he was allergic to. Pills were never enough to relieve his itching, so I give him allergy injections at home, every 5 days & they really do help. The last vial of serum I bought cost $125.00, but it is good for 66 shots. But of course that would vary, depending on how much serum goes into each shot. We've found that what works best for Spencer is a small amount of serum given frequently. He still occasionally needs medication at certain times of year when allergies are at their worst, but for the most part, the injections give him relief. Good luck, allergies can be a frustrating thing to get under control!
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