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As some of you know, Rusty recently earned his AKC Canince Good Citizen Certificate!! He completed an 8 week basic obedience class. We are starting Stickers in the same class tomorrow night. We could teach her all the commands at home but she needs to experience the socialization. The instructor is a great woman and has been teaching for years. Stickers is much more independent than Rusty. On the other hand,she is also timid with any dog bigger than her. We think completing this course will be a good experience for her and hopefully she will pass will flying colors! It did wonders for Rusty. I will keep everyone posted. Wish us luck!!


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Patti, can I use this picture for my little book of basset poems? It's just PERFECT for it. I'll send you a book!
here's the poem:


I put up with your hair all over the place
I always move over, when I'm in YOUR space
the food off my plate I give to you free
so Basset, what more do you want from me?

I share my bed, pillows and covers
My gosh dog, we're practically lovers!
I take you for rides in my car
long ones too...I take you far

Yet you want more, like a juicy steak
Is this it then? no GIVE, just TAKE?
I give you belly rubs, walks and a hug
I get nothing in return, you big lug

And when you're outside, sniffing for hours
Is it too much too ask? don't eat my flowers!
And stay out of the garbage from now on, too
I really don't want to get mad at you.

Now why are you looking at me like that?
I know that LOOK, you dirty rat
You're just trying to get under my skin
well, guess what hound? You're already IN!

And you don't listen to me, no, not at all
you don't even know you're not 10 feet tall!
Well, things are going to change around here
You are a DOG! Not royalty, do you hear?

Now I'm glad that we have cleared the air
I can also see that you really don't care
Your eyes have not left the cookie I'm holding
all right, have it then, I'm all done scolding!
Sandy 2005

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Sandy: I would be honored to have either of my kids in your book. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are such a great poet!

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Stickers is very cute! I'm sure you'll do just fine--and, it's so great that you are training your dogs, and getting the CGC certificate. After that, are you on to Rally, Obedience or Therapy work?
Sharon Hall

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I haven't really decided what direction we'll go in. Therapy I think will be it. We were on vacation last week so the kids stayed with the breeder and their siblings. She suggested I go into Rally with Rusty. Time will tell.
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