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AHEM. As some of you know, I have a passion for writing basset poetry. Some of it , I think is pretty good. Some not so good, but I have a lot of fun writing it just the same.
I have compiled the poems I want in a folder, and have decided to put them in a little book. I have been looking for someone to illustrate it charicature style, but haven't had any success. (and no money to hire a professional.)

I am publishing this book myself, so there will be little or no profit, just hope to make enough to pay off the printer/binder. So it is mainly for fun, and thought I would start with about 50 or 100 copies.

So here is an idea I had. There are so many lovely, funny, beautiful bassets on here, that I thought, if anyone wanted to participate, I would ask for submissions of pictures to go with each poem. If I chose your picture, you get a copy of the book. I hope that sounds OK.

For example,


I found a secret garden
and wanted it to grow
what was planted in it
I really didn't know

I tended it with water
and weeded it with love
and finally saw it budding
with sunshine from above

I went to check upon it
one morning oh so bright
to my surprise a tail grew
and much to my delight!

It wiggled and wagged
as I quicky began to dig
until I unearthed a basset
who gave me a kiss so big

I can only begin to express
my joy and pleasure oh so deep
as I unearth more bassets
all of which I plan to keep!

Sandy 2005

I know Marcia has a wonderful picture of her hound in the flowers, that would be perfect for this poem. I hope I get a good response.

If you, my fellow cyberhound addicts are up for this, I'll post my poems one at a time, until I get "just the right picture to go with the poem" If this doesn't sound like a good idea, no harm done, it was just an idea of how to add character to my little book. If you stayed with me all the way to the end of this lenghty post, thanks. let me know what ya think of this idea!

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Thanks Sandra , I think that picture could inspire me to write another poem. :D I'll keep it in mind.

For this particular poem, I want bassets in flowers, or gardens, etc. or eating the flowers, or laying on them, well, you get the picture... :D


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Hi there, I think your poems are beautiful and that's such a great idea. If I may, I'd like to suggest a way for you to print and sell your books without having to pay for upfront costs of the binding etc. I have a couple of shops at Cafe Press that do very well. Visit and you can sign up for a free basic shop or upgrade to a premium shop (its like 5 bucks a month). They will allow you to print and sell your book. The only downside to the books is their process doesn't allow for color photos yet, only black and white. You can look at my shops as an example if you want.

They are all premium shops and you can see all the products you can offer. I don't have any books in my shops, but I'm hoping to do a coloring book soon. I've never done any basset hound drawing, I'm still perfecting my rottweiler character, but if you have a picture I can work with I can try to do some sketches for you.

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Basset Book

Sandy, love the idea!! I think one of these is the pic you were thinking of. Feel free to use them. I'm looking forward to it.....I've never been able to write anything that rhymes. You are very talented!

PS - Sally say's it's about time someone recognised her star potential :roll:

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