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Or I did! I bought a choke chain for Louie. Usually he wears a harness. I had given up trying to walk him. My arms and shoulders were in pain after a "walk around the block"....more like a drag (me dragging him) around the block. He just loves to smell and would stay in the same spot for several minutes. If he wasn't ready to leave, he would hunker down, chest to the ground and put those little legs straight out on each side. Impossible to move him!

So I am watching Lou get fatter and fatter and I am getting fatter and fatter, until I said, "That's it!"

Out I went and bought a choke chain. It worked the first day. Lou was up to his usual smelling and I gave a gentle yank on it, and said "Heel!" and he walked and walked and walked! He kept up a good pace around the block.

The next day I tried it again, and we walked 1 mile to the store and back.

Sunday we did a 3 miler. I had to call my husband to come get Lou, he was unable to keep up and very tired. I think I pushed him too hard.

Today we walked about 3/4 mile. I will keep this routine for a few days and more gradually add miles.

It is a pleasure to walk him! I never ever thought I would say this!
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