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Anne, I thought your answer was great, but I do have a couple of differences.
I know this was accidental, but I do all the vaccinating, deworming etc. before the breeding as doing it while pregnant can hurt the puppies. When I did have an accidental breeding (the neighborhood border collie broke into my yard and bred my gordon setter) my vet said to wait until after the pups were born.
Not sure if you mean a morning after shot or an actual surgical abortion. My vet strongly discouraged me from the shot as it can be quite detrimental and have long-term effects on the bitch's health. Don't know about this case though, I'd recommend a planned c-section if the pups are over large. Or some vets will spay the bitch in early pregnancy and terminate the litter that way. But I guess it's not God's will.
I wonder if this woman has babies every nine months?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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