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Aww, so sorry, Ms. Annie... well, my first feeling is that often it is difficult to get a definitive diagnosis by xray. usually like to confirm by tissue diagnosis reviewed by a Pathologist. ie. a lung nodule could be a number of things. you can make a best guess based on what's on radiograph, but there are often other things it can be...

second is a question-- is there a less invasive/less drastic/less expensive way of finding out if cancer is involved? ie. like biopsy or FNA (fine-needle aspiration). then at least you might be able to get a preliminary answer... (though still might need surgery/open biopsy if they don't get a definitive answer)

third-- re: quality of life issues. If (but paws crossed that it's not...) it is the worst-case scenario you imagine, ie. cancer, would a major surgery like the one your vet is suggesting improve 1. quality of life she has left 2. the odds of prolonging her life... if yes to one or both, then might be good to consider the surgery, even if it is more invasive...

those are my thoughts about your situation. Worm & I sending healing thoughts your way...

ps. also occurs to us that you recently had to deal w/Bentley's cancer :( one way of looking at it is that if I were Annie and for some reason had cancer, I'd be grateful to be with someone like you, who cares about me and takes care of me, even in my last days... and tries to make me as happy and comfortable as possible..
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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