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I'm thinking about adopting a beagle. What do you think? I have a female (spayed) Basset, 6 months old and I'm thinking of getting a male (neutered) Beagle, 1 year old. He would come from a rescue in Newfoundland. I looked for a rescue for Bassets or Beagles around here and haven't had any luck. I've already been in touch with the rescue and they recommended "Blue" for my family. He would have to be delivered by plane. Not too sure about putting the little fellow through a plane ride. I would have to check with my husband (he's flown to Newfoundland before, I haven't), but I'm sure he would be on the plane less than an hour. We still have to sit down and have a "family talk" before we commited to this, but just thought maybe you guys could lend a few of your thoughts. Thanks.
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