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This is perfectly normal for a Basset - may as well get used to it. :D
I wish there was a TU option here - so true.

Just to correct the common notion that Bassets are stubborn because fact is when you get stubborn, you have to change your approach to what you want. This is best done by making them think what you want, is their idea! Applied psychology. Treat all this housetraining as you would a young puppy, with the proviso that if she's able to hold through the night, which she should at this age, you should be able to expect her to hold for longer than a puppy of 8 weeks can. I think you do need to rule out a UTI which isn't uncommon, especially in a breed that's so low to the ground and able to squat where there could be some infection lurking. When we bought our current Basset at 4 months, from a kennel situation, we gave him the benefit of the doubt, taking him out once overnight. It pretty soon became obvious he could hold right through from around 10.30. to 7 am.

Don't wait to be asked re going out - for now, take her out every 2 - 3 hours during the daytime, after every nap immediately, short periods of playing and after a feed. Put a slip lead on her - you wont' be able to carry her for long and you do need to be out there with her so you praise her lots when she does empty. If when you know she must need to, bring her in after around 5 minutes (or she'll find tons to do out there), keeping her in the room by the door and staying with her. The moment she squats, say No! firmly, but not shouting - you don't want to scare her and Bassets are sensitive creatures - and take her straight back outside. Correct ONLY in the act and clean up mistakes without comment - she will be watching.

Bassets aren't stupid (well there are always exceptions!) but you have to get into their mind-set so there is mutual respect - a bond.

You do have to cling to a sense of humour with these people .... otherwise they will drive you nuts ...... but it's a wonderful 'nuts'. Must be because I've been 'with Basset' since 1972 when we bought our first, and far from last.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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