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(Disclaimer: I do not represent any political view or affiliation, just passing on information I find)

Maryland Votes For Animals (MVFA):

Action Alert for the First Three Bills of 2012 | Maryland Votes for Animals

Our Objectives are to provide a collective voice, central organization and social network of concerned citizens who would work to:
  1. Reduce animal cruelty by promoting the passage of humane legislation for animals in Maryland’s legislature.
  2. Promote the election of representatives willing to champion and vote for humane legislation for animals in Maryland’s legislature.
  3. Promote issues and education focusing on a paradigm shift advocating the humane treatment of all animals.
  4. Promote greater representation within the Maryland Department of Natural Resources decision-making process by persons endorsing humane non-lethal alternatives to human/wildlife management issues.
  5. Promote greater Maryland statewide funding for, and usage of, sound non-lethal alternatives for wildlife management and pet overpopulation as well as humane, free-range farming methods.
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