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What can I do to teach her its not okay to chew these things to peices?
In this question lies the crux of the problem, You can never reliable train a dog not to do something. It is just way to difficult. You can only train them to do something. If you don't what then to do a particular behavior you need to train an alternative behavior that is incompatable with the one you don;t want. It is impossible to train a dog not to jump up when greeting a human, but it possible to train a dog to great a human by keeping it four paws on the ground, or sitting or lieing down. You migh thing this is just a symantics game but in reality it is not. The reason dog do these obnoxious behaviors over and over again is because humans are inadvertantly rewarding them form them. Actual most of the time people think they are punishing the dog for these behaviors they are actual rewarding the behavior with their attention like "When I catch her she just thinks its game time and runs in circles to avoid me and "Woofing" at me" Everytime she steal somthing from the counter she is rewarded. Know you go an try and take it away she is further reward. The way to stop the behavior is to reward a more appropriate behavior more heavily so itknow becomes the dogs first choice. Think abouted what happens know if the dog walk by the counter without jumping up on it. Nothing! If it cruise the counter atleats 5-10 ussually much higher it either find somthing that is tasty to eat, fun to play with, or gets moms atttention. counter cursing is being rewarded, and when not counter cruising not so much. Think you can stop the behavior by punishment think again. As clearly shown by the dogs behavior, any interaction with the dog, even it you percieve it as punishment the dog is going to find as really a reward of your attention. So the first step is to change your thinking. It should be what do I want my dog to do and train that, rather than I do I stop my dog from doing that.

2. Many of the behaviors attributed to attention seeking, boardom etc are really not caused by a lack of attenion, exercise or on enough stimulation mental and or physical. It comes down to one thing Impulse control or simply the dogs lack of it. In todays society we tend to breed more high sprited dogs and then try to mange them, We need totake a more active role in teaching them how to be calm and patient. when you get home and open the crate door does the dog rush out, Jump on you and in genral act nutty, can you walk past the dog with a piece of food in your hand and not have it lunge for it. Can you open the front door an not have the dog rush it to escape? these are all simple examples of lack of impulse control and it can be taught see

impulse control

Lowering Arousal

Any dog can learn to live calmly in a house

Protocol for Relaxation

Everyone is busy but you need to carve out time to work on this the time yous spend know with come back to you 100 fold over the life of the dog because it will be so much esier to live with. Dogs with little or no impulse control are very hard to live with.
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