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Accidents in the house

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Hi all,

Ok, so I'm nearing my wit's end with this dog. He's a 4 year old male and I am not understanding why this dog continues to pee/poop all over the house. This is after his walk where he does his business. Yesterday, we gave him free reign of the kitchen (with his open crate) and he had no accidents. My son walked him when he got home, he peed, then came back inside. One hour later, when I get home, I hear my niece screaming NO STRIDER and he proceeds to pee. Just standing there peeing. They walk him again.

Also, he's hardly been eating. But yesterday morning, he had a good poop in the morning. He hadn't eaten after that. He barely had dinner last night. My son walked poop. We are watching tv last night, then he poops right in the living room....I catch him in the act and scream NO. We take him out again. No more poop on the walk. We bring him back inside...figuring he already pooped in the house and didn't go anymore on his walk, we all just settle in to watch tv.

I go upstairs for a minute and he follows me. I realize after a few minutes he's not upstairs anymore, then I walk downstairs to find him pooping AGAIN on the landing of the stairs. Then he proceeded to eat some of it. YUCK.

I am noticing more and more that he's constantly running around...back and forth back and forth back and forth --- almost like he can't relax. The vet says he's in perfect health and his foster parents said he did "pretty good" with them in regard to potty training...

It's been 3 1/2 weeks since we got him and I feel like he's a neurotic mess or something. The only time he's ever really mellow is in his crate. I'm in the "what the heck was I thinking getting a dog" stage and I fear I"m in for years of misery if I cannot get this under control.

ANY advice would be welcome.
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I agree with most of the above, however something I have not seen mentioned, (is it your son's sole responsibility for him to take the dog potty?) WHAT COMMAND ARE YOU USING?

Are you just out walking him in hopes he will go then you go in? Try the word "potty" during the stream of urine "Good Strider Potty", same for a bm other potty "Good Strider other potty" or good boy potty other potty, good boy. I would truly recommend adult supervision during the process and to take the dog to the exact same place each and every time. Designate an area of your yard as his potty place, not a 6 foot run, a nice size area they love to search out a place to go. Make the long walks fun, and keep track of how often he goes. If your dog has been crated or confined all day and withheld from water, he most likely makes up for it when he is let out, which will require more frequent trips outside.

I go with the belief to not set your dog up to fail your allowing him free roam and walking him all over the place to defecate instead of his own yard is also setting him up to failure. You can't just assume he get's it no matter how well he did in foster, he has been under stress and yelling, screaming and I suspect not forgiving and forgetting the accidents, breeds more stress.

Set him up to succeed only I think it should be taken a couple steps further, if you can't watch your dog and you can't keep him comfortably tethered to you then put him in his safe zone until you can. If your in watching tv block off that room and keep him with you, keep an eye on them you can watch them and know when they are going to potty, the potty walk nose to the ground. They will stop mid play and that nose drops and look out. If your going room to room, put him on a leash attach to a belt loop and keep him short leashed to you, not allowing him freedom or much room to move away when you stop. They won't go to the bathroom where they sleep unless they are ill or the amount of time you left him in his crate is unreasonable. If you are busy cooking and just can't watch him, put him in his crate until you can, limiting the amount of time in there to a minimal amount esp if you keep him crated all day.

You most certainly can say (NOT SCREAM) no outside let's go, and interrupt them if he starts to go, if he has an accident don't just pick it up bag it and go throw it in the trash, sop it up with a paper towel, pick up solid waste and take them outside to the area you want him to go in, drop them there even if you have to use a stick to hold down the paper towel. You are giving him an area to claim as his, a simple statement no potty in the house we potty outside, they get it once they hear your potty command outside enough. Remind him when taking him to the backyard come on let's go outside to potty.

Good thing this isn't a puppy the outings are constant and if you are losing patience with a 4 year old I wouldn't recommend a puppy. Without offending you though can I please ask if you truly wanted this dog? If you did why a basset? If you feel this is more then you can or are willing to commit to then I agree with the above take him back to rescue. You can truly damage his spirit by the yelling screaming and frustration your showing.

Wishing you the best and hoping to help keep us posted.

Bo =o)
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