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Accidents in the house

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Hi all,

Ok, so I'm nearing my wit's end with this dog. He's a 4 year old male and I am not understanding why this dog continues to pee/poop all over the house. This is after his walk where he does his business. Yesterday, we gave him free reign of the kitchen (with his open crate) and he had no accidents. My son walked him when he got home, he peed, then came back inside. One hour later, when I get home, I hear my niece screaming NO STRIDER and he proceeds to pee. Just standing there peeing. They walk him again.

Also, he's hardly been eating. But yesterday morning, he had a good poop in the morning. He hadn't eaten after that. He barely had dinner last night. My son walked poop. We are watching tv last night, then he poops right in the living room....I catch him in the act and scream NO. We take him out again. No more poop on the walk. We bring him back inside...figuring he already pooped in the house and didn't go anymore on his walk, we all just settle in to watch tv.

I go upstairs for a minute and he follows me. I realize after a few minutes he's not upstairs anymore, then I walk downstairs to find him pooping AGAIN on the landing of the stairs. Then he proceeded to eat some of it. YUCK.

I am noticing more and more that he's constantly running around...back and forth back and forth back and forth --- almost like he can't relax. The vet says he's in perfect health and his foster parents said he did "pretty good" with them in regard to potty training...

It's been 3 1/2 weeks since we got him and I feel like he's a neurotic mess or something. The only time he's ever really mellow is in his crate. I'm in the "what the heck was I thinking getting a dog" stage and I fear I"m in for years of misery if I cannot get this under control.

ANY advice would be welcome.
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Hmmm... it worries me a bit when you call your dog "this dog" and don't even call him "my dog" and with respect, you sound 'quite angry' so I wonder if you are angry at your dog and he's feeling a bit stressed regarding his accidents in your house!

As you've only just got him he probably needs a bit more time to settle as it must be upsetting for him on being moved and maybe he wonders if he's going to be staying or not and you're maybe stressing him a bit. Poor thing, he probably feels 'protected' in his crate at the moment!

You need a lot of patience with Bassets (presume he is a Basset) and they are very sensitive if shouted at! Also you should keep him off stairs as it's not good for their joints.. so I've always been told by vets and breeders! Too much weight on those little front legs going down the stairs!

Someone like Mikey will probably give you come good advice in a wee while...
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