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About to get my first Basset

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Hello, brand new to the board and I just put down a deposit on my first Basset. I have wanted one a long time and have tried my best to prepare myself by doing research over the last few weeks. She is 13 weeks old right now and I should be able to get out to pick her up in about a week or so. (I am at work right now.)

I work in the oil and gas industry and am away from home about 3 weeks a month or so. She will be coming with me when I am working. Me and three other guys live in a trailor house while we are out on a job and they are all pumped about me bringing a dog out as well. She should get lots of attention while out on a job.

At home she will be living with me, my wife, 3 year old daughter, and my wifes Shi-tzu.

My plan was to get her a crate to sleep in at night. I was going to put it back in the bedroom with me. Then I figured I would put her a dog bed in the office where she will be hanging out during the day. I'm still not really clear on what food to start her on. I was thinking about Diamond, but keep reading conflicting opinions about dog food.

Just wanted to introduce myself. I am really excited about picking her up and am really looking forward to her.
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She's beautiful. I like how on the site it shows pictures of puppies they've sold in the past in their new homes. This tells me that the seller keeps contact with whom they sell ther puppies to. It seems to me like they care. I also like their purchase agreement. I could be way off on all of this, but looks like a nice family to me. Welcome to the board and can't wait to see more pics of your lucky girl.

Awww Molly (?) is gorgeous and I hope she will soon settle in happily with you! :)

She looks like a Molly or maybe even a Maisie, both names are nice!

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We brought Molly home today and she is awesome! She played hard about half the day and slept the other half. No accidents in the house yet. I have been rewarding everytime she uses the bathroom outside. She hasn't eaten anything but treats today but she has been drinking water. I guess she will eat when she gets hungry.

How much should I feed her?
Another Molly here on the forum! Congratulations, she is gorgeous. Love the markings :)

Prepare for people to go nuts over your dog. Everyone seems to LOVE can you not?!
How much should I feed her?
on the bag of puppy food their is a chart based on age and weight, ! general recommend feeding 10-25% LESS than the manufactures recommendation to start. but you have to adjust the feed amount up and down based on the dogs Body Condition, There is no magic wand or formula other than constantly assessing the puppy

Dog Diet Do's and Don’t's

Ribs easily palpated and may be visible with no palpable fat. Tops of lumbar vertebrae visible. Pelvic bones less prominent. Obvious waist and abdominal tuck.

That is probably a lot thinner than you though a puppy should be but is necessary to prevent a host of orthoepedic condition that are know to be cause by overnutrition in larger breed dogs.
We made it past our first night! She was really good. She went in her crate @ 10pm, cried for about five minutes and then never made another sound. I actually woke her up at 7 this morning to take her outside.

I was playing with her this morning and rubbing her belly and noticed some dark red bumps around her vagina. It looks like she has been chewing there. She also seems to bite at her rear legs alot. I put frontline on her yesterday and I cant see any fleas on her at all.

Maybe I am just watching too close because she is new...

Anyway, she is now happily playing away with a couple of toy rabbits...
A responsible breeder sells pet quality puppies with a spay/neuter clause in the contract and will always take the dog back if the owner can not keep it. That clause would also be in the contract. A responsible breeder belongs to The Basset Hound Club of America and shows their dogs in conformation and/or performance events. They do genetic testing on their breeding stock to make sure they are clear from inheritable disease, test eye angles for the possibility of glaucoma, etc. The results from these tests would be available to the new owner. A responsible breeder breeds to improve the quality of the breed, not for profit. Good luck with your new puppy and love her to pieces! I also have a Molly who is 13 1/2. I love her to pieces. Take care, Belinda.
I know some of you have really strong opinions on breeders. I look for a breeder that is a nice family and takes good care of thier dogs. I wanted to see clean living conditions and alot of love. I found that in this breeder. They may not everyones definition of a "responsible" breeder, and thats fine with me. They continue contact with owners after the sale also, I liked that too.

We plan to love her alot, she it a hoot!!!
I looked at their site and although I think they may be classified somewhat as a backyard breeder they obviously have a stud from quality background. I am very familiar with the Von Skauton line of Dawn and Gary Towne. Many of the dogs I have owned and bred have been from their line. I am considering breeding Esa in the spring to one of their dogs. The quality background has been seen in this litter which is why all of you have noticed how good she looks,you are seeing the difference in a quality bred puppy.
In fact if you go to my gallery you will see Grace,who was sired by,"Ch. Matthew Von Skauton". The black dog in the photo at right was sired by "Ch. Nyk Von Skauton". You really could have done far worse and I thought their prices were resonable. I hope she grows into what her grandparents on her sire's side would be.
Your puppy is absolutly adorable! I love her face, so cute. Our bassett, Snickers is 9 months. We got her from a breeder in the foothills of N. Carolina, very nice family. I have been feeding her Merrick Puppy Plate which I have to ship from the Texas panhandle. She gets mostly dry but I do treat her to the canned too which has chunks of veggies (i love that). There are no fillers in their food/corn. I read through all the dog food lables at pets mart and only one other a high quality science diet was corn free. we did a taste test with this one and the merrick and she liked the merrick best. My pekignese eats their other varieties and likes it. They also have seasonal flavors to give your dog variety (when old enough) and you can order the trial sizes to see what your dog likes, but only the Puppy Plate is appropriate for you dog right now. They have many unusual treats as well, but we ordered the hoof and it was enormous and too big for our basset. So, there is another dog food to think about, I know it's a hard decision.
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She is 14 weeks and a hair over 20 lbs. So for her weight and age the food bag says 2 2/3-3 1/2 cups of food a day. Seems like a lot to me but I have never had a large breed dog before.

So should I be ok starting her out with 1 1/2 cups in the morning and 1 1/2 cups in the afternoon or should I start with less? I gave her a cup this morning and she ate it right up.

Also I know there is a whole thread devoted to this but she sleeps all the time. She will play for 15 minutes and then sleep for two hours. Get a drink and then sleep till I wake her up and make her go outside to potty. I would wager she is sleeping at least 19-20 hours a day. Is this pretty normal? I just figured as a puppy she would be more rambunctious...
Nitro is almost 4 months. The vet told me to "let him eat as much as he wants for no more than 5 to 10 minutes" This has averaged 1 cup twice a day, but he is becoming more of a chow hound right now. This morning I heard him walking in the kitchen, then it got really quiet. Thinking he got into the pantry, I crept into the kitchen to find him laying on the floor staring at his empty bowl with a "I never get fed" look on his face. I am guessing it is a growth spurt, he seems to grow an inch longer every week, and the paws a HUGE!
baclay9, that's about what I feed my Molly and she's about 15 weeks and likely around 20 lbs (we'll get her weighed on Friday when she goes in for the last of her shots). I do about a cup 3X per day. I thought it was too much, but my vet told me to check the label and adjust to her needs. She's incredibly active, so I know she is burning it off.
My adult dogs get 1 cup twice daily. A puppy will gain weight quickly plus you run the risk of bloat over feeding.The food companies are in buisness to sell you food so they will have you over feeding your dog.I would give and 1/2 cup three times daily up to 3 months then go to 3/4 cup twice daily till 7 months then feed 1 cup twice daily.This can also depend on how active your dog is,they may require a little more if very active.
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