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About to get my first Basset

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Hello, brand new to the board and I just put down a deposit on my first Basset. I have wanted one a long time and have tried my best to prepare myself by doing research over the last few weeks. She is 13 weeks old right now and I should be able to get out to pick her up in about a week or so. (I am at work right now.)

I work in the oil and gas industry and am away from home about 3 weeks a month or so. She will be coming with me when I am working. Me and three other guys live in a trailor house while we are out on a job and they are all pumped about me bringing a dog out as well. She should get lots of attention while out on a job.

At home she will be living with me, my wife, 3 year old daughter, and my wifes Shi-tzu.

My plan was to get her a crate to sleep in at night. I was going to put it back in the bedroom with me. Then I figured I would put her a dog bed in the office where she will be hanging out during the day. I'm still not really clear on what food to start her on. I was thinking about Diamond, but keep reading conflicting opinions about dog food.

Just wanted to introduce myself. I am really excited about picking her up and am really looking forward to her.
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So excited for you! We had two dogs already when we adopted our basset, she was intended to be my 11yr old daughter's dog. Very quickly she has become everyones buddy, I have never owned a dog that was so incredibly lovable. Not to say she hasn't been frustrating sometimes, she is a big puppy with all the usual puppy behaviors plus some special basset ones!

If I've learned anything from this board it's that there are a million different opinions on food. Seems to boil down to 1)High protein 2)Stay away from foods that rely heavily on fillers. I hit the dog food section and read lables till I found one in a reasonable price range that I felt good about. I add some canned green beans and pumpkin to one meal a day which helps our basset feel full and spoiled. The other dogs don't mind either :)
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I have found bassets require higher quality food than that I have have had to buy for other dogs. I use

Performatrin Ultra: Dog (Ingredients: Lamb and Brown Rice (dry))

Also, I think I have used in the past which was also decent.

Taste of the Wild : Home

What I found was it was just worth it to spend the extra pennies(per meal that is) on a higher quality dog food to ensure a healthy stomach.
Something else I am still curious about is shedding. I have read that they are constant shedders but never really see anyone mention it. I was curious if thier shedding was really that bad?

The only fear I have is that my wife is really allergic to my Dad's lab. She isn't allergic to our Shi-tzu though. I am hoping she wont be allergic to this dog.
Well for me, my cat stuffs up my nose but not my basset, maybe because she has short stiff hairs unlike my cat. But yea, if your wearing a nice suit or black dress, dont let the basset near you lol. Or you can stock pile on the sticky lint removing rollers I bought from costco.
Yep, in summer my guy sheds a lot. Agree about the food. I buy one which uses brown rice, lamb and various vegetables. I also add some good wet food to the dry.

I would try and read everything I could get my hands on about bassets. They are a peculiar breed with needs particular to the breed.

They are not clever in the trick or obedience sense of the word, but when it comes to craftiness and creativity they excel!!!
Thanks. Here is a picture I got of our new Girl. Not sure what we are naming her yet. We are thinking maybe Molly.

By claypool782 at 2010-10-04
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I'm still not really clear on what food to start her on. I was thinking about Diamond, but keep reading conflicting opinions about dog food
Most info on dog food on the web is innacurate myths that are nothing more than marketing gimicks an ploys. The best dog food for your dog is the one that works for you. I general recommond at least starting off with what the breeder is feed because they general know what works well for their dogs. however every dog is and indivdual and some do better on different brands.

For example I have a four different times with five different times tried to feed wellness, which is a highly praised dog food. My dogs did poorly on it every time. This does not mean welness is not a good food, as noted by many recommendation just not the right food for my dogs. When trying a new food start out with the small bag available and see how they do,. If you like the result continue if not move on,
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Welcome! Congrats on your new girl, she's adorable!
My two are constant shedders, and definitely have a coat "blow out" every spring. A good, daily or bi-daily brushing with a ZoomGroom or Furminator will definitely help.
Oh my she is absolutely adorable.
Thanks. Here is a picture I got of our new Girl. Not sure what we are naming her yet. We are thinking maybe Molly.

By claypool782 at 2010-10-04
Oh my gosh, SOoooo cute! she has "groucho marks" eyebrows in brown LOL and a little black mask! awAWWWW my little guy is only 6 months old and i'm already planning on another one some day...they are SOO loveable and sweet.

as for food, again, high protein, less corn and chicken feathers lol
we started using Organic Select, and it's done wonders for my basset and my beagle's digestion. *shrug* just another brand to look into. California natural was loved by the dogs, but this one is better for their tummies it seems.

I haven't noticed much shedding with beagle and basset do about the same. And is the lab a boy or girl? I've heard in male cats it's the spit they lick themselves with that causes some people allergies. Maybe because she's a girl it will be better? Or maybe because she's a hound? I know for instance Poodles, compared to other dogs have a different scent to the oils in their skin/fur. Scent hounds (basset and beagle) are even different than sight hounds (lab, greyhound, etc). I hope it works out for you guys.
But really, if it's only one week a month surely your wife can mannage : ) After all i'm sure she'll fall in LOVE with the little sweet girl!

Just remember bassets are stubborn so it will take a while to train her little puppy brain. But you'll love her so much you won't mind! Sooooooooo CUTE!! : )
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What a little STUNNER!!!!!! She looks a well bred little basset. Where did you get her from?
Is it ok for me to say where I got her on here? If it is let me know and I will tell you the specific place.

I did buy here from a breeder. She told me she was from "champion" blood lines on both sides and was the best basset she could breed. This actually wasn't super important to me but it just worked out that way.

I saw both her parents and they were really good looking dogs as far as I could tell.
oh my gosh, I want a basset puppy!! Cannoli was already 6 months old when we adopted her, so we didn't get that little puppy time. Soooo stinking cute.

As far as shedding, I keep a lint roller in my desk drawer so I can roll myself once I get to work. I don't even try it before I get in here since the house and car all seem to have transfer on them. We've got three dogs so I'm sanguine with the concept that they leave evidence on me. I can't very well not love on everyone before I leave the house :p
baclay9, yep, it's o.k. for you to tell us where you got her. Not surprised to hear she has champion blood lines. So, hurry up and spill the beans. She is one beautiful looking hound!!
Oh my goodness, what a cutie pie! The way her brown eyebrows are situation over her eyes made me think of: "You wanna piece of me?".

She has beautiful markings.
I got her from a place called Okie Dokie Bassets here in Oklahoma. Looked like a nice place from the pictures on thier website. I have talked to the lady that runs it a few times and she has been really helpfull. I am heading out to pic here up in a week or so when I get off this job. Anyone ever heard of them.
She is cute and just my color. I have just switched Esa and Vinny to Wellness 5 w/ chicken from Iams weight loss. They love the food ! Vinny does his happy dance every time he sees me get his food and Esa just gets excited. I have to buy 30lbs at a time which is about $55.00 so to keep it from getting rancid I buy green colored sandwich ziplock bags and divide the portions of 1 cup per feeding into the baggies. It works for me.
How much should I feed her starting out? How much does an adult basset eat?
every dog is different along with each food. I general recommend starting out at about 25% less than the manufactures recommendation based on the weight of the dog.

Lear to ascess the dogs body condition. Do not be afraid to ask your vet for help in this. A lean dog lives a longer, healthier life than an overweight one. The average basset and therefore people perception of the breed is overweight.

see [ur=]corpulent canines[/url]

purina body condition chart
Keep in mind this chart is a bit old 4 to 5 is now considered ideal not 5

Purina® Study Confirms Link Between Body Fat and Chronic Health Conditions
Other Purina research found that most owners couldn't accurately assess their dogs' body conditions. When owner and expert scores were compared, only 28 percent of owners characterized their pets as above ideal body condition, while 79 percent of the experts scored those same animals to be above ideal body condition. Dr. Larson says this gap is serious because pet owners are not likely to recognize that their pets are overweight and even moderate excess body fat can lead to problems.
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