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im about to breed my basset hound abigail and i know everyone is always like no you should spay your pet but i want abby to have babies as i know she will be a good mommy i might even keep all the babies who knows but i want to know some of other peoples stories about the dog having babies

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i want to know some of other peoples stories about the dog having babies[/b]
How about this story.

The very first basset girl I purchased was an orphan. What happened was that her mother, a healthy two-year old girl having her first litter and owned by a very experienced breeder, went into labor and simply dropped dead before delivering a single puppy. Her owner had to cut her open with a kitchen knife to save the puppies, then raise all eight of them by hand. Another person I know told of having to do this with her small breed dog.

Or how about my Rainbow, who ended up with a puppy getting stuck so I needed an emergency trip to the vet in the middle of the night. We tried for ages to get the pup out, even pulling off the tip of his tail! We finally had to do a c-section, and discovered that poor Rainbow had pushed so hard she'd actually torn her uterus.

Or my Ginger, who also had a stuck puppy, but fortunately the vet was able to get it unstuck. Emergency vet visit, of course, so very expensive.

Then there were Lucy and Sally Anne, who developed uterine infections after being bred and ended up having to get emergency spays. $$$$$$$$$$ and no puppies.

If you're not prepared to deal with situations like the above, best to have her spayed.

If you do insist on breeding your pet, then please take the time to become educated on the subject. As it stands right now, you don't know anywhere near enough to be breeding.

Please go do some serious research on responsible breeding.

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