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About finished with redecoration.......

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so I hope to be able to spend more time here in the future. The orienteerings season starts this weekend, so I'm not sure about the time, but I'll post stories and pics from the forest as the past years.

Emma and Doris are happy to see everything back in order - and to have the couches back too...
The walls are painted, the ceiling is painted and new lamps too:

Doris can't let the opportunity go when I'm on the floor taking pics:

But Emma is rather sleeping:

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How adorable! That first picture is priceless! Looks like Doris had to get that snuggle and Ms. Emma...well, she knows she'll get hers later on.

The pictures are great. What beauties!! You are quite the decorator!!!
Very nice! I especially like the dogs peeking over the arms of the sofas! :lol: They look very content and satisfied in their new surroundings...nice work!
Those pictures will melt your heart... and the house is looking pretty good too :)
Well, I have to admit I was wrong. (and I HATE admitting I was wrong)

I thought you were making a big mistake by painting that ceiling, but I must admit, it sure opened up the room, and is much brighter. It's lovely.

You did well, Steinar. You have provided your girls with an enviroment worthy of them. :D

Okay, Steinar, you have to share. HOW do you keep your couches AND floors looking so nice with basset hair to contend with? :D You ought to see MINE -- no, on the other hand, I don't want anyone to see mine. We've decided hair is just a decorating theme around here. Give the girls kisses from us!
I was thinking the same thing about the dog hair. The house is beautiful and of course the girls are two. I hope my three don't see that each of yours have a couch, I don't think I can fit three couches in my room.
The redecoration is nice but.... Doris and Emma are priceless accessories! Love to see pictures of the girls from over the pond!
The ceiling has gone from white to dark brown over the last 22 years, and I felt I needed more light. If it had been treated some way earlier, I could maybe have waited longer. Here it's very popular to paint untreated and old panel at the moment.

I was acting fast to get the photo while everything still was looking nice after the redecoration. This spring has been terrible with shedding. I can use the cushions on both sides, so I have one for people and one for dogs :D

Thank you to all for your lovely comments!

Here's the old ceiling and walls:

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Your redecorated living room looks lovely! Looking forward to your orienteering photos. :D
It looks VERY nice and much brighter, though I wouldn't have had the nerve to paint that ceiling.
The light colors are very fresh looking and makes the room look newer. Plus the pictures show better on lighter walls.
Oh, but I'd give my left lung to have ceilings like that in my house (not the painted wood, tho that looks nice too--I adore natural looking wood)!
(sigh...) I find the older I get the lighter and brighter I require my home to be. I've gone from "soothing" 60W lightbulbs to 100W bulbs so now my office looks like a police interrogation room.
And speaking of shedding, I think the Nobel Prize should go to the guy who invented Swiffers. I keep a box in my car and in my house in a vain and deperate attempt to keep ahead of the "tumbleweeds" :shock:
about finished with decoration.

Steinar: Really like the white ceiling! It makes the room airy looking. Can I have Emma and Doris/ (LOL). They R beauties. :wink: . Happy to be a slave 4 Tummy Boy.
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