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Thanks to all of your suggestions we are getting the biting and growling issues under control. I now keep a baggie of banana chips in my night stand drawer for when we have personal space questions; I no longer go to bed bloody.
I have been reading up on some of the threads, Abby and I start obediance training June 1, Abby will be 11 months. We have been together for 4 1/2 months now, she is still very, very stuborn and will chew on her lead or nip at me if I'm not following orders, but for the most part, wonderful.
Abby has decided that Sam, my first ever house cat (also a rescue) is alfa. It is the funniest thing, she will stand and bark at Sam to move out of her way, but will not go around, over or through him. Sam of course being a cat, is loving every minute of keeping her from what she wants; he will have his revenge on her for disrupting his quiet, peacefull home. Makes me laugh.
Abaigail sounds like the female version of Carlos
He's gonna be 1 year next June 15. He is also very, very stubborn and chew on his leash, collars, my blackberry (yep, destroyed), slippers etc even though I give him new chew toys every now and then
But......................................... when I see those manipulative eyes I cannot get angry for more than a minute. True story. I'm a sucker
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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