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Hi all-

Pw. Clemmie bawkin' in. I am trying to catch everyone up on ABC's 2004 "Wonders of the World" (WoW) Waddle. Being a basset hostess is hard work. Between beggin' and woofin' and ensuring the pawper amount of pets are pawcured. Whew. I will nap.

I am pleased to announce ABC's "Bingo for Basset Blue Bloods" We at ABC think all bassets are royalty, so we decided, with the atmosphere being Niagara Falls and all, to throw in the element of chance. During our Casino Night, on Friday evening June 4th, the slaves can use kibble money to obtain bingo cards-and play for the chance the have a lucky hound and houndette crowned Prince & Princess. The first slaves of a male & female hound that complete a full board, will have the honor of having their hounds crowned Prince & Princess. The more bingo cards a good slave purchases, the better chance they have of “Bingo-ing” their bassets into royalty! The coronation will be immediately following (and will include lovely royal finery by Dawn of the West Couture Creations).

I am pleased to woof a welcome to Wendi Pencille of Horsefeathers Photography, a reknowned Upstate New York photographer. Wendi will be joining us at Casino Night. Wendi will be on hand all evening to take professional portraits of your hounds (and we will be rafflin' off a pawtrait of your houndie done by Wendi). There is no sitting fee. Proofs will be available online via Wendi’s website a day or so after the event. You can visit Wendi’s website to view the proofs, and make your purchase.

An example of Wendi’s work (which includes moi) can be seen here:

Pages 1-4 are basset shots (I am the lovely red & white girl), and page 10 has an example of a beautiful group shot. As a side note, Wendi has had bassets all of her life, and knows how to deal wif our needs as photo subjects (she has good treats and twes good pets).

A big woof of thank you goes out to all of the rescues that have pawticipated in our "Raffleswap"; NEBHR, BROOD, Basset Rescue of SoCal and Michigan-thank you for swapping donations wif us. And, all you rescues out there who may be interested in pawticipating-it's not too late. Just contact my aunti Shelly at [email protected] If you send us a donation, we will send you on in return. It's a good thing-rescues helping rescues. We may all do things differently, but have one thing in common-houndies like moi are being helped.

Remember-ABC's "WoW" Waddle is one month later than in the past. That's so all of you waddlers who waddle in Mishgun, Woof it up at Woofstock with NEBHR, Ramble wif BROOD, and Boardwaddle wif Tri-State can all come up and waddle wif us. So, stop in and pre-register for our "WoW" Waddle at Remember-it's impawtant to pre-register if you're thinking about coming to make sure you are included in our final waddle mailing.

And, if you are coming from out of town, make sure you make your hotel reservations NOW! Rooms at the Best Western Summit Inn (ABC's Waddle Central) are filling up fast. Don't get left out in the cold....BOOK NOW. And, make sure you tell them you are wif ABC to make sure you can take advantage of the great group rate. For more information about our Waddle Hotel please visit: and scroll down to the hotel information.

So, get ready to waddle wif me, Clemmie, and all my friends at ABC's 2004 Wonders of the World Waddle Weekend.

Yours in bassetude,
Pw. Clemmie
Basset Hostess
ABC's 2004 Wonders of the World Waddle Weekend
Friday June 4th & Saturday June 5th 2004
Niagara Falls NY
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