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Abby has eaten rocks!!

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Abby started vomiting on Wednesday and as things were no better in the evening we took her to the vet. The vet gave her an x-ray and she had two stones in her stomach and one in her intestines. The two in the stomach were retrieved by induced vomiting and boy were they big!! Where she got them from and when is anyone's guess. We hoped that she would pass the third in her stool. She was really restless that night and next morning nothing. THe vet decided it would be best to operate.

She was operated on last night and stayed at the vet's overnight. Today we were told that she is suffering from post operative paralysis of the intestine. She is on an IV and is asleep. We are going to see her later. If anyone has any pointers for this post operative paralysis of the intestine, we would be interested. We have confidence in our vet, but sometimes language is a problem....
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So sorry to hear this! From past discussions on this forum I seem to remember that other dogs have done this-they seem to pick up eating rocks as a kind of hobby- I think you'll have to watch her from now on. Poor Abby!
Bless her heart :( People sometimes have the paralysis after the surgery and recover fine- Just takes awhile to get the system moving again. Sending prayers and drool Please keep us posted-
We just got back from visiting and she still looks quite poorly. Her tail wagged when she saw us, but she was quite listless and not interested in food at all. The vet was going to put her back on an IV and stay the night with her. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.... :(
The "postoperative paralysis" is a normal reaction of the bowel to surgery. Wishing Abby a speedy recovery. :)
Hope she is better soon. She will be in our prayers.
Yikes. I am so glad you all caught it.

Everything crossed for you all.
Sorry to hear this, if they have done this once, they will often repeat it.
Drool and prayers for her!
Hope Abby feels better soon. Healing drool from my gang.

Healing drool & good thoughts from us, too. Poor thing-it is a rather common occurance, but that doesn't make any difference when it's your own furbaby going through it.
Abby's back home!

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers, they certainly helped.

THe vet called my wife this morning and told her to come get Abby. He said that Abby's digestive system was working again and there was no point keeping her there any longer because it was obvious she hated it there! Anyway she is back home. Hana and Cassie were thrilled to see her and gave her a gentle but warm welcome (interesting how dogs are intuitive and know when not to play rough with one of their own).

Anyway, she is sleeping and is still on fluids, but it's great to have her back.

Very good to hear Abby is home and recovering. :D
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