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A year ago today

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A year ago today just as I was about to send my adoption application to BROOD (to get my girl Lily a playmate) I decided to look “just one more time” online at the shelters around here (Norfolk, VA) to see if there were any Bassets around. On the VA Beach Animal Control website there was a very long snouted boy named “79”. I convinced my husband to go “just have a look at him, doesn’t mean we have to adopt him.” When we got there we checked around with no luck. As we were leaving (I’ll admit I was very upset and disappointed) one of the ladies behind the counter said “Did you find what you were looking for?” I said that we hadn’t. She said “Well, that doesn’t seem right, let’s go check. Did you come over to the large dog side?” I didn’t know there was a large dog side. As we approached pen #79 there he was a very skinny and scared Basset boy. I immediately dropped to my knees in front of the pen and started crying. “That’s him, we’ve got to take him home.” After a while of coaxing we got the boy to come out of his pen so we could walk him. My husband looked at his leg and said “Oh no look.” (He had a very crooked leg, but it didn’t seem to bother him any). I said “I don’t care, I want to take him home.” Sure enough we paid our $25 dollars and now a year later Gibbs is a wonderful part of our family. I feel like we won the lottery that day when we brought him home. Not only did we give him another chance at a good life, he has fit into our family beautifully. Lily adores him, and he’s just all around great. So, here’s to my boy Gibbs ~ Happy Gotcha Day…mommy loves you!
The above is a picture of Lily and Gibbs the first day we got Gibbs. He is on the left.
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:) Awwwwwwww! What a wonderful story and what a lucky guy you are, Gibbs! Happy Gotcha Day!! :)
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story! SO happy for your family that you found sweet Gibbs. He sure is a handsome guy!!
Hi there!! Great pics--HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, GIBBS--from me-Bianca. You sure are cute, Gibbs (or handsome, I must say)
*and your mom sure lubs you!!
Happy Gotcha Day!!!

And thanks to your momperson for sharing such a wonderful story on Thanksgiving weekend.
I can see why you took him home -- such a face on that boy! I know you feel like you hit the jackpot when you found Gibbs, but he hit the jackpot, too......
Awwww ... Happy Gotcha Day, Gibbs!
Heather don't forget you were going to bring them to visit. We are all moved into our new home and have a great fenced in back yard. Elmer and Button say : "C'mon and play!!!"
Gibbs and Lily look happy, you must have done the right thing. I'm surprised you beat BROOD to him, but you save yourself some money and saved them from having to squeeze him into their foster program.

Your Gibbs is a very handsome hound and he looks so happy. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.
Thanks so much for sharing. What a beautiful story and what a handsome boy!
It's a good thing the lady behind the counter stopped you before you left!! Good thing for Gibbs and Lily as well. :D
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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